Ten Miles Somewhat Back from the Dead

Hi everyone,

So first of all, I’m sorry for dropping off the face of the Earth for eight months. I took a hiatus to apply to grad school, then started attending grad school full time. This, in addition to working while in school, an abrupt move from Malden to Brighton back in January, and a whole host of really good and really bad things kept that hiatus going for a long time. I honestly do love doing this blog (and am astonished that people are still reading it, I saw my stats and was shocked) and don’t want it to die for real. But I know that I won’t be able to post nearly as often as I was last year. So basically I’m going to post as often as my schedule and library school-frazzled brain will let me. Which won’t be anything nearly resembling regularly. But I’ve missed it, so it’s time to start again.

And from here, I’ll link to the write-up for the show that kicked me back into music gear: Drunken Logic’s 4/12 show at The Red Room @ Cafe 939 in Boston.


Go to the write up here!

Show: Drunken Logic at The Red Room @ Cafe 939 – Saturday 4/12/14

Drunken Logic is one of my favorite bands, local or otherwise, so I jumped at the chance to see them play at The Red Room @ Cafe 939 on Saturday, April 12th. Their debut CD, Something New to Burn, has been on pretty constant rotation throughout a very hard, very cold winter, so I was really excited to hear they would be filming a music video for their song “Rhythm of the Rain” at the end of the show. Due to any number of reasons, I ended up arriving right at the end of the second set, just as Rocket and the Ghost were finishing up. So I didn’t get to hear much from either them or the first act, Midnight Snack. But the few minutes I heard of Rocket and the Ghost were intriguing and I’ve heard all sorts of good things about Midnight Snack, so I’ll definitely be checking out their music in the near future. Continue reading

New Single: Lucas Biespiel and His Dangerous Gentlemen – “Preacher”


After over a month on hiatus dealing with any number of other things, Ten Miles is back with new content. I’ve missed you all. Today I want to share this great new single by Boston’s Lucas Biespiel and his Dangerous Gentlemen. “Preacher” is the first single off their upcoming album, Stories of Your Sorrows. The album tells the story of a holy man who mourns his lost son as he attempts to bring happiness to those still in the world. “Preacher” is an engrossing introduction to the story. Funk-tinged rock that bleeds intensity and brings to mind the heroes of outlaw music. You can hear the gathering storm clouds as the instrumentals swell and darken behind Biespiel’s powerful voice. Check out “Preacher” below and keep an eye out for Stories of Your Sorrows this fall!

Album: Erik Caldarone Group – Goodbye, Blue Monday

ImageFor any rock fans who are curious about jazz, but unsure how to take the plunge, Boston’s Erik Caldarone Group is a perfect jumping off point. Billing itself as “modern jazz with an indie vibe,” the group takes a traditional jazz lineup and combines it with varying degrees of rock, with an end result that has something for everyone.

ECG’s debut album, Goodbye, Blue Monday, is available to stream on Bandcamp, with an actual release date at the end of this month. It is a skillful, fascinating collection of tracks, beginning with the opener, “Hello Tuesday” and its straightforward rock format and vocal line. Continue reading

Eye Design’s Treat Yo Self @ Great Scott (Allston 6/27/13)

ImageAs a relative newcomer to the Boston area, I took my first trip to Great Scott in Allston on June 27th to see Eye Design’s: Treat Yo Self @ Great Scott. The lineup featured Fax Holiday, Shepherdess, Bunny’s a Swine, and Pile. First off, the night was amazing in almost every way.  I really liked the venue and how hospitable and friendly everyone was. From cupcakes to mini-air hockey and foosball tables, everything was set up to be welcoming, which was nice as I walked in by myself. Only to spend the night chatting with old friends from high school and new friends I’ve met through this blog. Unfortunately, I had to catch the T home before the show ended, so I did not get to see the end of Bunny’s a Swine’s set or any of Pile’s. But I’ll definitely be there again.

Here’s some pictures I took of the show. If everyone will bear in mind my area of study was classical music and not photography… Continue reading

Album: Spot Collins – Birch Beer

ImageSomerville duo Spot Collins’ album, Birch Beer is a stripped-down collection of folk-punk songs. The “punk” label may not be so apparent at first in the face of Spot Collins’ quiet, acoustic sound. But listen to the evocative lyrics, listen to the little twists going against the folk norm. Each song tells a single, encapsulated story, many of them presenting glimpses of life as a musician, especially “Jackie O. In Heat” or “Pretty Girl at the Punk Rock Show.” The simple, sparse instrumentals leave the spotlight on the raw, plaintive vocal line, adding to the overall intimate nature of the album. Overall, Birch Beer sounds weary, but happy, like someone picked up a guitar in the living room as the party’s winding down.

Birch Beer is available for free download on Spot Collins’ Bandcamp page. You can also follow them on Twitter at @ABandCalledSpot.