Five Songs from Cape Cod

This week’s Five Songs all come from Cape Cod. The Cape’s music scene is eclectic and exciting, something I’ve tried to capture with these tracks. Tracks that I could embed have been embedded. Other links lead to the artists’ sites.

Brian Sances – A Couple of Days: A breezy pop song with uplifting lyrics and endless energy from a multi-talented musician out of Sandwich.

The Zookeepers – Lady Gaga: Sounds like Steve Reich’s garage band. Recorded sounds and samples over a static riff that slowly unfolds into an intelligent, provoking look at pop music. Every time I listen to it I hear something new in the different layers and sections.

Catherine King – Bus Stop: Melancholy folk music, perfect for a rainy day.

Make Wave – House Party: Described on their page as “beach rock,” Make Wave captures summertime partying in this hazy rock song.

Take 3 – Fly Me to the Moon: A jazz trio out of West Barnstable, Take 3 approaches this standard with poise and a gorgeous vibraphone solo.

Also, be sure to check out Take 3’s affiliated business, Music With Taste. They provide music for fine dining, weddings, and other events. You know, in case you’re getting married and looking some good music for the reception.

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