Five More Songs from Boston


Here’s another sampling of some of the music coming out of the Boston area!

Wolf Blitzer – Pünditz: Slightly more straightforward than the dreamscapes of the group’s last single, “Come With Me,” but the echoey vocals over electronically enhanced and distorted layers of harmony prove the group’s staying power. Smooth instrumentals make the political undertones of the lyrics easier to digest and ponder.

Mateo Lewis – Solo Por Hoy: Spanish language folk-pop. Chill and catchy, but still emotional and somewhat melancholy. Perfect summer evening soundtrack.

Mount Peru: Wallflower Power: Upbeat, cheerful pop with a prominent sax line and male/female vocal harmonies. A good pump-up song with its intelligent lyrics and catchy melodies.

Shepherdess – Scene of the Crime: Intense punk rock with vocals alternatively crooned and screamed over distorted, harsh guitars. Shepherdess also puts on one hell of a live show, as I was lucky enough to see in person last week at Great Scott. (write up and photos of questionable quality coming soon.)

Fate & the Family Band – Sweet Creole Queen: Insanely infectious, soul-infused rock. Big, brassy vocals make this perfect for singing along.


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