Show: Drunken Logic at The Red Room @ Cafe 939 – Saturday 4/12/14

Drunken Logic is one of my favorite bands, local or otherwise, so I jumped at the chance to see them play at The Red Room @ Cafe 939 on Saturday, April 12th. Their debut CD, Something New to Burn, has been on pretty constant rotation throughout a very hard, very cold winter, so I was really excited to hear they would be filming a music video for their song “Rhythm of the Rain” at the end of the show. Due to any number of reasons, I ended up arriving right at the end of the second set, just as Rocket and the Ghost were finishing up. So I didn’t get to hear much from either them or the first act, Midnight Snack. But the few minutes I heard of Rocket and the Ghost were intriguing and I’ve heard all sorts of good things about Midnight Snack, so I’ll definitely be checking out their music in the near future.

Their set ran for about an hour and the band played a good mix of older songs and songs they’re putting together for their next album. The highlights include the opening number, “Common $ense.” With its dirty, blues-heavy sound and sneering vocals, it started the set on a high-energy note that would continue throughout the show. During the third song, “Something New the Burn,” the bass amp died and the band entertained the crowd with unbearably cheesy jokes until they could get an emergency amp in. The new music was as good as the older stuff, particularly “The Vagabond,” which began with an eerie country-western sound complete with wavering echoes and steel strings before sliding into a heavy 6/8 feel. For the  last song, the band launched into “Rhythm of the Rain” to finish out the night. The energy of the song and the video shoot clearly moved through the crowd so that everybody was up and dancing. I really can’t wait to see the finished video when it comes out.

So basically, it was a kick-ass night in an awesome venue that I’d never been to before, listening to an amazing band who deserves all the attention and praise that comes their way. If you get a chance, either go to one of their shows or check them out at Faneuil Hall where they busk pretty frequently. And keep an eye out for that video. In the meantime, here’s the video for the album’s title track, “Something New to Burn”:




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