New Releases: January 2017 on Bandcamp


New year, new plans, new music. It’s the beginning of 2017 and while I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a blank slate, it is an opportunity to start fresh. So in that spirit, Ten Miles revives with three January 2017 releases available now on Bandcamp:

DUMP HIM: Attack and Amend (single)

I found this single while browsing the Massachusetts tag and now I want to go back and listen to everything this Northampton band has ever released. A slightly distorted, but hugely catchy guitar line runs counterpoint to the surprisingly sweet vocal melody. It’s two minutes of adrenaline rush that will stick in your head all night.


Margot de Costerd – Fragments and Seasons (album)

Boston’s Margot de Costerd’s Bandcamp page describes her sound as “sad bedroom music.” It is an apt description of this album, which is deceptively soft, yet layers on the emotion within gradual crescendos. With some songs featuring vocals and some purely instrumental, Fragments and Seasons is the perfect soundtrack for a quiet evening at home alone. Turn it on as background music or lay in bed and unwind.

Album Highlight: Harmonic Chaos


Dustin Ortiz, Jr – On a Bedroom Wall

Pure Americana out of Boston. Ortiz’s straightforward, thoughtful lyrics are delicately balanced against the acoustic accompaniment. The music is simple, but far from simplistic. It’s reflective and relatable.

Album Highlight: Thinkin’ ‘Bout You

While these are only three of the many releases so far this month, these are the ones I truly enjoyed listening to. So enjoy!


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