Snow Day Roundup – 2/9/17


Today’s majesty, viewed from my living room couch.

After the frozen hellscape that was February 2015, I think I may have overprepared for today’s snowstorm. Though the snow day routine in my house is no longer “sleep til noon, then get drunk” it’s still been a nice break and a chance to relax and catch up on blogs and various other things.

Here’s some of the local stories and links that have caught my interest today while I get the apartment cleaned up and try to avoid the last of my grad school work:

Aloud (ft. Cold Blood Club) – Agua Mala – Single Release and Flint Donations

Boston band Aloud’s new single Agua Mala (ft. Cold Blood Club)  is on sale at Bandcamp for $1.00. All proceeds go toward United Way of Genesee County’s Flint Water Fund, so download this fierce call to arms and donate to a good cause.


Allston Pudding Summer 2016 Mixtape




I love these mixtapes, I always find at least a few new songs that wind up in regular rotation for years. I’m also incapable of remembering to actually check and see when there’s a new one. I’m a little late to the game, but listening to the summer mix while cleaning and cooking made me feel young and warm again. My favorite tracks are definitely Oldsoul’s “Slow Down, Senpai” and Honeysuckle’s “Canary”.


Boston Hassle’s Black Market



Image from Boston Hassle

This Sunday is Boston Hassle’s Black Market @ Cambridge Elks Lodge. I’m dying to check it out, so hopefully I can make it over there. Is anybody else planning to go?


100 Greatest Singles from New England of 2016 – I Heart Noise


Image from I Heart Noise

I probably deserve to have my blog taken away from me for how badly I lost touch with everything that’s been going on with local music in the past few years. To be fair, first I was in grad school, then I was caring a baby, then I was doing both. But now I’m trying to find my way again and this list from I Heart Noise is exactly what I need in order to find new and new-to-me music.


French Toast Alert System – Universal Hub

Not music related, but Universal Hub’s French Toast Alert System is my favorite local weather report. And honestly, it’s probably the most accurate.


So that’s a sampling of what I’ve been reading and listening to today. What’s everybody else up to?


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