Album: Spot Collins – Birch Beer

ImageSomerville duo Spot Collins’ album, Birch Beer is a stripped-down collection of folk-punk songs. The “punk” label may not be so apparent at first in the face of Spot Collins’ quiet, acoustic sound. But listen to the evocative lyrics, listen to the little twists going against the folk norm. Each song tells a single, encapsulated story, many of them presenting glimpses of life as a musician, especially “Jackie O. In Heat” or “Pretty Girl at the Punk Rock Show.” The simple, sparse instrumentals leave the spotlight on the raw, plaintive vocal line, adding to the overall intimate nature of the album. Overall, Birch Beer sounds weary, but happy, like someone picked up a guitar in the living room as the party’s winding down.

Birch Beer is available for free download on Spot Collins’ Bandcamp page. You can also follow them on Twitter at @ABandCalledSpot.

Upcoming Show: The Shills with Mother Mother in Cambridge, 7/2


credit: the shills

Catch Boston’s The Shills playing with Friendly People and Canadian indie rockers Mother Mother at TT the Bear’s in Cambridge next Tuesday, July 2nd. While remaining pop at heart, The Shills pull influences from all over the musical spectrum, creating a unique and extremely catchy and memorable sound. There’s four albums and a single available on Bandcamp for both streaming and download, so there’s plenty of awesome music to bone up on before the show.

The Shills online

Mother Mother online

Also, check out this video for The Shills’ single “Move a Mountain.”

And a couple tracks that I’m particularly fond of: Continue reading

EP: Alexa Renaud Clark – “Coward”

ImageBoston-based artist Alexa Renaud Clark’s “Coward” EP is brief, gentle, and striking. As Alexa writes, “It’s simple, an attempt to identify beauty in frailty, and in some way find self-forgiveness for self-involvement.”

Take fifteen minutes out of your day and give this one a listen, it’ll linger for much longer than that.

“Coward” is available for download on Alexa Renaud Clark’s bandcamp page.

Also, here is the video for “Rites,” the last track on the album. Continue reading