Eye Design’s Treat Yo Self @ Great Scott (Allston 6/27/13)

ImageAs a relative newcomer to the Boston area, I took my first trip to Great Scott in Allston on June 27th to see Eye Design’s: Treat Yo Self @ Great Scott. The lineup featured Fax Holiday, Shepherdess, Bunny’s a Swine, and Pile. First off, the night was amazing in almost every way.  I really liked the venue and how hospitable and friendly everyone was. From cupcakes to mini-air hockey and foosball tables, everything was set up to be welcoming, which was nice as I walked in by myself. Only to spend the night chatting with old friends from high school and new friends I’ve met through this blog. Unfortunately, I had to catch the T home before the show ended, so I did not get to see the end of Bunny’s a Swine’s set or any of Pile’s. But I’ll definitely be there again.

Here’s some pictures I took of the show. If everyone will bear in mind my area of study was classical music and not photography… Continue reading


Record Label: TinyRadars


Credit: TinyRadars

Based out of Western Massachusetts, TinyRadars is a tiny record label with a huge sound, turning out albums from bands in Brooklyn, Northampton, and Boston. With only five bands on their roster, TinyRadars is completely genuine when they say their label is less of a business endeavor and more of a calling. As they say on their website, “This is not a money making venture: this is a labor of love to preserve, promote and share the music we couldn’t stop making if we tried.” Continue reading