Album: Spot Collins – Birch Beer

ImageSomerville duo Spot Collins’ album, Birch Beer is a stripped-down collection of folk-punk songs. The “punk” label may not be so apparent at first in the face of Spot Collins’ quiet, acoustic sound. But listen to the evocative lyrics, listen to the little twists going against the folk norm. Each song tells a single, encapsulated story, many of them presenting glimpses of life as a musician, especially “Jackie O. In Heat” or “Pretty Girl at the Punk Rock Show.” The simple, sparse instrumentals leave the spotlight on the raw, plaintive vocal line, adding to the overall intimate nature of the album. Overall, Birch Beer sounds weary, but happy, like someone picked up a guitar in the living room as the party’s winding down.

Birch Beer is available for free download on Spot Collins’ Bandcamp page. You can also follow them on Twitter at @ABandCalledSpot.


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Five Songs From Worcester

This week’s Five Songs features music from Worcester and the surrounding towns. I’ve already mentioned the Worcester area’s Amanda Cote Project on here, but let me just plug them again because they’re amazing and play out constantly. Listen to them, they’re awesome.

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Kickstarter: Help Dogs of War release their self-titled album!

ImageDogs of War, a fantastic folk band out of Western MA/Northern CT are almost done with their first self-titled album and need some fan support to get through the home stretch.  Check out Dogs of War’s music here (including a couple free downloads!), then please click the Kickstarter link to read their story. Plus, they’re offering some sweet prizes in thanks for pledges, so it’s definitely worth a look.

Dogs of War on Facebook