New Single: Lucas Biespiel and His Dangerous Gentlemen – “Preacher”


After over a month on hiatus dealing with any number of other things, Ten Miles is back with new content. I’ve missed you all. Today I want to share this great new single by Boston’s Lucas Biespiel and his Dangerous Gentlemen. “Preacher” is the first single off their upcoming album, Stories of Your Sorrows. The album tells the story of a holy man who mourns his lost son as he attempts to bring happiness to those still in the world. “Preacher” is an engrossing introduction to the story. Funk-tinged rock that bleeds intensity and brings to mind the heroes of outlaw music. You can hear the gathering storm clouds as the instrumentals swell and darken behind Biespiel’s powerful voice. Check out “Preacher” below and keep an eye out for Stories of Your Sorrows this fall!


Eye Design’s Treat Yo Self @ Great Scott (Allston 6/27/13)

ImageAs a relative newcomer to the Boston area, I took my first trip to Great Scott in Allston on June 27th to see Eye Design’s: Treat Yo Self @ Great Scott. The lineup featured Fax Holiday, Shepherdess, Bunny’s a Swine, and Pile. First off, the night was amazing in almost every way.  I really liked the venue and how hospitable and friendly everyone was. From cupcakes to mini-air hockey and foosball tables, everything was set up to be welcoming, which was nice as I walked in by myself. Only to spend the night chatting with old friends from high school and new friends I’ve met through this blog. Unfortunately, I had to catch the T home before the show ended, so I did not get to see the end of Bunny’s a Swine’s set or any of Pile’s. But I’ll definitely be there again.

Here’s some pictures I took of the show. If everyone will bear in mind my area of study was classical music and not photography… Continue reading

EP: Await Rescue – Everyone You Know


Await Rescue know their strengths and they know what their audience wants. The up and coming Boston group’s new EP, Everyone You Know is hard, heavy rock music. There are no unnecessary frills to distract the listener from their solid melodies, but definitely don’t take that to mean the music is simple. Complex harmonies and structures are satisfying on a musical level while their intensity satisfies on that lizard-brain level where you just want to scream along. Continue reading

Upcoming Show: Bookkeeper at the Cantab Lounge

Looking for something to do Friday night in the Boston area? Check out Bookkeeper at Cantab Lounge in Cambridge. The three piece rock group draws influences from any number of sources, both mainstream and obscure. The end result feels a little like listening to your favorite pop rock albums of the early 2000s and realizing they’ve taken on flavors from the rest of your record collection. It’s contagiously energetic. Check out their newest album Elephino on Bandcamp, then go see them play Friday with The Plaid and The Great AK.


Bookkeeper’s Website

Bookkeeper on Facebook

Five Songs From Worcester

This week’s Five Songs features music from Worcester and the surrounding towns. I’ve already mentioned the Worcester area’s Amanda Cote Project on here, but let me just plug them again because they’re amazing and play out constantly. Listen to them, they’re awesome.

Here’s a sampling of some other music from this part of Central Mass. Continue reading

EP: Western Education – “The Weekend Sessions” (Released 12/6/12)


Lowell’s Western Education has been getting a lot of well-deserved press lately. The four piece synth-pop/rock band was recently featured in the Boston Phoenix’s “Boston Rock & Pop Class of 2013,” which was my first exposure to them. A suggestion online sent me to their new EP The Weekend Sessions, and then I was hooked. Continue reading