Some Music After Everything

I started working on this entry two nights ago, when Boston and some of the surrounding communities were on lockdown. Two days later, the second suspect in the Boston Marathon Bombing is in custody and we can move onto the next chapter in whatever the hell story is happening here. Friday night I abandoned writing to follow what was happening in Watertown, then took Saturday post-work for a hugely needed night out in Cambridge. (I know it’s been said a few times already, but please go out and spend some money at local businesses. They lost so much money this week. So with us going out, they get money and we get beer. Everybody wins.)

Anyway, though this is up later than I had planned it to be, I feel like it’s still worth posting. We’ve still got a ways to go with healing and moving on. It’s a collection of ten songs from various local musicians. I know for me, music is one major way of coping with stress. And I imagine many people reading this feel the same way.  So I wanted to put together some music for us to listen to in the coming weeks. It’s a mix, some cheerful and upbeat to sing along to and give you hope. And then some that is more somber, because sometimes we need to just sit and reflect. Hopefully this music can help at least some people feel better, because it definitely helped me.

Also, while we’re on the topic: Allston Pudding’s Marathon Relief Mixtape. 130 songs from local and non-local groups for a donation of a dollar or more. If you haven’t downloaded it, download it now (click the link or go to Allston Pudding in the sidebar), you’ll be making a difference and getting some fantastic music.

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Interview: Keri Florence and Luis Granda of Two Tree


Two Tree performing at the Radio Bean in Burlington, VT. Photo taken from

Earlier this month, I recommended the album Save Me Summer by Two Tree, a folk band out of Northampton. This week, the duo was kind enough to answer some questions via email for Ten Miles, giving us a deeper look into the band and its music. Continue reading